Global Sales Operations Analyst

Job description


The Senior Manager of Global Sales Operations, must be well organized, detail-oriented and quality-minded.  He/she will be responsible for reporting on sales effectiveness, managing commission plans, maintaining strong communications with individual sales teams and members and liaising with other constituencies in the business.  He/she must be able to identify process improvements in sales reporting, analytics, sales systems, forecasting and performance metrics. This position will report to the CFO.


  • Develops key performance metrics and dashboards to help the sales organization focus on performance drivers.
  • Analyzes sales data and generates forecast and metric reports for sales management and CFO.
  • Measures sales force productivity and ensures effective implementation of established strategies.
  • Supports the implementation of and communication around sales incentive compensation plans:
    • Ensures alignment of territories/divisions/client assignments
    • Manages sales rep account assignments and changes during the year
    • Owns any changes to the commission policy including updating the documentation on the sales team portal and working with HR to roll out new commission objectives, if necessary
    • Ownership of quota setting and quota analysis
    • Manages plan documents and communication to individual sales reps.
  • Responsible for ensuring that key policies relating to sales pricing and commissions are implemented and properly followed
  • Manages the annual quota and monthly commission process:
    • Establishes territories, account ownership, quota attributes for each sales rep and the associated TCV, NR, TR, MMRC
    • Ensures all plans provisions are followed and identifies clarifications needed and documentation to be revised
    • Owns the Named Account nomination process
    • Arbitrates issues around credit, splits, etc
    • Manages monthly commission calculation and communication process
      • Liaises with finance to reconcile and validate monthly activity
      • Produces individual sales rep statements and monthly management reports; manages all communications related thereto
      • Submits reports to Finance for approval
  • Price Management:
    • Ownership for the pricing calculator, fixing or adding new features and getting buy-in to any changes on actual price points;
    • Ownership for driving price actions within the install base to include:
      • Identifying candidates
      • Propose and seek approval for % changes
      • Working with data/analytics team to support analyses
      • Drafting client communications and ensuring legal delivery
      • Logging all aspects (which clients, when, how much, FedEx tracking, reps copied on communications to client, etc.)
      • Coordinating with finance/billing to implement changes
      • Working with legal to ensure compliance of proposed changes
      • Working with sales team members to preserve price action and drive long term contracts
    • Ownership for the price change approval commission process / getting constituents the information needed to make a decision / coming prepared with a recommendation and managing communications between HQ and the field
    • Enabling data/analytics team to forecast price action revenue impact
  • Strategic Customer Group
    • Ownership for analysis on the performance / retention and growth of the top customers
    • Ownership for dashboards and activities to drive “green” contracts in the top customers


  • Assist with review of CRM data, enforcement of policies, and works directly with Finance to ensure adequate reporting, approvals and accuracy of information, requiring monthly activity reporting and reconciliations
  • Participates in CRM steering committee meetings
  • Assists administratively with annual sales conferences.




  • Proactive, Self-Motivated
  • Analytical, Critical Thinker
  • Customer focused
  • Good judgment and business innovation
  • Open to new concepts, tools and technologies
  • Focused on continuous improvement
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure
  • Team player, Organizational Commitment
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Integrity, Ethical Behavior
  • 5 years’ experience in sales operations, analytics, operations, and/or sales finance
  • Previous experience in a SaaS or Cloud based business is highly desirable
  • CRM administration skills



  • 5 years’ experience in sales operations, analytics, operations, and/or sales finance
  • Previous experience in a SaaS or Cloud based business is highly desirable
  • CRM administration skills
  • Ability to be a business partner with senior sales leadership and other personnel at all levels to achieve goals
  • Strong business acumen
  • Excellent communication, facilitation, influence, change management and consensus building skills
  • Meticulous, highly organized and self-directed approach to work
  • Time Management Skills, Ability to work on multitude of projects simultaneously
  • Ability to conduct sophisticated and creative analysis of complex data and translate the results into actionable deliverable, messages, and presentations.


  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent, MBA preferred



  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent,